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Pani Di Gal MP3 Audio Song Download

Pani Di Gal MP3 Audio Song Download

Pani Di Gal MP3 Audio Song Download

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1. Pani Di Gal Song Lyrics♪

Pani di ki gal karde..
Pani di ki gal karde
Thonu Coke pila dange
Saade naal dil laa lavo
Thonu Italy ghuma dange..

Shaadi tere naal karawangi..
Shaadi tere naal karawangi

Jhaadu pochha tussi laa leyo
Cha aape main banawangi..

Taaran dil diyan touch karde..
Taaran dil diyan touch karde
Thodde te na sadda koyi naa
Dasso kehdi gallon shakk karde..

Tere kisse ve kamaal hunde..
Tere kisse ve kamaal hunde
Hor dasso ki boliye
Thoddi shirtan de baal hunde

Mere te yakeen tu kar lai
Shehar di kudiye ni..
Mithi mithi mainu lagdi
Zehar di pudiye ni..

Pichhe pichhe mere aave
Dass ki chauna ae..
Ve tu mundeya chandi vi
Shaklon sona ae..

Tussi ainna sadda nahio karde..
Tussi ainna sadda nahio karde
Assi jinna thonu chaahi jaane aan
Thodde naal ghumm ghumm ke
Thonu nazron bachayi jaane aan..

Ve tu kudiyan te gaane gaa lai..
Ve tu kudiyan te gaane gaa lai
Kade sadde layi vi gaa sohneya
Phone sadda chakkda hi nai
Kade milne te aa sohneya..

Gaddi waddi jehi le aavange..
Gaddi waddi jehi le aavange
Band baaje naal sohneyo
Tohnu viah ke lai javange..

Gaddi koyi vi arrange kareyo..
Gaddi koyi vi arrange kareyo
Kudiyan de phone aunde ne
Pehlan phone number change kareyo..

Teri mummy nu mana lavange..
Meri saasu maa mana lavange..
Mere daddy nu manau kaun ve..
Tere vele na viahu kaun ve..

Tere daddy nu mana lavange..
Mere daddy nu manau kaun ve..

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Pani Di Gal
Lyrics In Hindi

2. Pani Di Gal Song About♪

  Song - Pani Di Gal

  Music - MixSingh

  Lyrics - Maninder Buttar

  Singer - Maninder Buttar

  Music Lable - White Hill Music

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Pani Di Gal
320 Kbps

3. Pani Di Gal Song Full Video♪

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Pani Di Gal
1080P .MP4

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